We accept iDeal and PayPal payments, swing by our office if you want to pay in hard cash. 

€5,- shipping all over the globe! We’ll pack your order within 2-4 days after we received your payment. International shipping will take about 2 weeks. We want to keep things affordable and use old school stamps and postmen, so that's why it takes a while. 

We're not liable for items lost in transit once goods have shipped. If your package has not arrived within a reasonable time period, please let us know, or contact PostNL yourself. 

Returns & Exchanges
So sorry you want to return your item! Hope it’s not because we screwed something up. If so, please send a message to unframed@unfairamsterdam.nl and we’ll do everything to make it right again. Just make sure you send your purchase back to us with the original package, undamaged and within 14 days and let us know why you want to return the item. We’ll refund your purchase as soon as we can

Sold out?
We can’t restock since our items are all limited editions. BUT we have new ideas about great designs everyday and we’ll keep on producing editions you can add to your collection.

For all press related inquiries please contact unframed@unfairamsterdam.nl

Privacy Policy
We will not share your info with anyone because we legally cannot, but also because we want to keep you all to ourselves. 

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