Merijn Hos

Merijn Hos (Enschede 1978) lives and works in Utrecht and has a BFA in illustration from the school of Visual Arts in Utrecht. It’s impossible not to lose yourself in Merijns magic illustrations: Looking at his work is like tripping on acid but without the scruffy Trainspotting vibe, and it gives you an uncontrollable urge to dive in and float in the colorful galaxies Merijn creates. In his work he uses a perfectly balanced combination of craft with digital design. His illustrations are very distinctive, but he keeps developing and changing his diverse style according to whom he is working for and what he’s working on.

Merijn want’s his work to be a joyful fun thing to look at, but his designs sometimes have hidden messages. The design he made for UNFRAMED is a perfect example of that. The colored patches on the globe represent an boundless world, with a united color pattern. The patches merge, change shape and create a harmony together, bringing up questions about borders and boundaries.

There are constantly new projects popping up on Merijns website, check out more of his work here: