Ingmar König

Ingmar König (1988) lives and works in The Hague, graduated Fine Arts at the HKU in 2013. Ingmar is a very versatile artist, working with video, sculpture, print and more recently, painting. Everyday findings play a strong role in his work; the unexpected, the aesthetic and the functional combine into strong narrative of mixed objects and media.

Ingmar stated about his work: ‘I make art which evokes narration.’Something that really fits the strong (cultural) message a patch often carries. Both of his designs look like they were cut from an underground comic book, there to create a story on their own.

Ingmar König’s work has been shown at Art Brussels, Art Rotterdam, P///akt Amsterdam, Nest Den Haag, Galerie Gabriel Rolt Amsterdam and Chonggin Air China. He has been granted with the PRO Invest stipend by Stroom, Den Haag and won the Cayacz Incentive Award.

To see what Ingmars building next, check his website here.

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